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Vegetarian Food in India


We have a long history of consuming vegetarian food.


Ayurveda always recommends simple vegetarian food for a healthy lifestyle.


Generally followers of Lord Vishnu are vegetarian. We have ample variety of vegetarian food so much so that you can prepare a different main course for each day of a year (365!) and yet there would be many untried dishes.


Each region & state has its own fabulous cuisine and distinct style of cooking. Festival food is an important part of our culture. Different dishes are associated with different festivals and this has been passed on for many generations.


Worldwide 'Indian' food is associated with 'Curry' and tandoor. But this is only a very small drop in the ocean. Indian Vegetarian food is much more beyond this. 



such a wonderful and incredible things can only comes out of such an incredible country ..India !

the only problem for people like me ~who madly love indian food~ is finding the correct and origin spices... some spices can only be found within India :( 

otherwise making Indian food is a kind of simple and the food itself is so healthy and so much tastey as well.



Oh Ania, I din't know that you cook Indian food :)

Om Namah Sivaya!

I was born and raised in the US and cook Indian food almost everyday! Mainly I cook dishes from Kerala (that is where my beloved Guru, Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi is from), Tamil Nadu, and a few dishes from Goa (I love these because of the tamarind and coconut!). One of my best friends is from Orrissa so I learn a lot of Oriya dishes from her. My favorite to cook (and eat) is moong dal with spinach. In addition to Ayurvedic recommendations of a simple diet, it is also recommended for spiritual aspirants! What is your favorite vegetarian dish, Anita? As a special treat I like vegetable korma. I especially love the Kerala holiday of Onam when we have the Onam feast and eat off banana leaves and have twenty or thirty dishes!! Jai Ma! ONAM! WOOT! :D



Hello Jagdish,I am also very fond of onam feast"sadya".My favorite vegetarian dish is simple dal-chawal.

Dal can be in form of "sambhar" or "amti" (maharashtrian dal)or gujrati sweet dal or rajsthani mix dal.


I love Indian food!  Although I am not a vegetarian, I never feel that I am missing something when I have an Indian vegetarian meal. In my opinion, it is the best vegetarian food on the planet!


I love channal masala (is that right? chickpeas), alou gobi, and palak paneer.


 Yes Diane,you are right but all these dishes are north indian.South indian food is diffrent from north.

Sambar and idlis are my favorite (with a side of rasam)! :D

i love chicken and mutton biryani ..and frequently i cook it at home.

beside that i love masala dosa .. and chicken tandoori ...

though all indian food are equally tastey in my eyes.. :)

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