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National features of Russian smile

used article «Особенности русской улыбки» by Екатерина Апраксина»

Why Russian little smile?
Russians really much less smiling than the majority of the peoples of East and West.
National features of Russian smile.
1. Smile in the Russian communication is not a signal of politeness.
The Russian communication behavior smile ‘for politeness’ simply not accepted, and even opposite.
Constant polite smile is a bad sign of a man, a manifestation of his insincerity, secrecy, unwillingness to find true feelings.
2. In the Russian communication is not accepted to smile to strangers.
3. The Russians have not accepted automatically respond to smile a smile.
4. Smile of the Russian people - signal of the personal sympathy for the man.
5. The Russians have not accepted smile on duty and any serious case.
6. Russian smile is intended to be only sincere.
7. Smile must be appropriate from the point of view of others, fit the communicative situation.
Not accepted smile in a tense (in a stressful) situation. Not accepted smile, if there are people who have serious grief, someone is sick, concerned about personal problem etc.



I think some of this may be true, but not all. The younger generations do smile more as a greeting. Often a non friendly face is accompanied with a bad attitude and rudeness. This tells me that its more than just a cultural differece about smiling.

I want to say that the younger generation of smiles, as a rule, in stores (if they work as seller). after work every seller removes smile.

I can confirm that everything written in this article is true. and I am glad of it. because in Russian smile no lies, she is really sincere. 

I would like to add that Russian is the only language where there are proverbs like "Laugh without reason is a sign of foolness", " A joke doesn't lead to good", "There are no truth in jokes", etc. 

We are serious and severe folk :))))

we - Russian -funny, cheerful and witty, but unsmiling


Hello,I think that after you become friend to any Russian,woman or man, she-he will open her-his heart to you.You only have to wait.And it´s like everywhere in the world,there are different people.My parents were Russians,so during all my life,I had the chance  to meet different Russians, native Russians,inmigrants,first or second generation of inmigrants...They can smile just like everybody..I visited Russia in 2008,in general,people weren´t very friendly,but was soon as we began to communicate in Russian,things changed.

I always remeber this ancient song,that says :

веселая и грустная всегда ты хороша как наша песня русская как русская душа

My father and mother used to smile a lot, and so  my grand father,my aunt,may it was the Uruguayan air that made the difference?

you don't understand, the smile of western culture is not "lie" as you think, but it's rule of politeness. good form. Like you don't go outside naked, people don't go outside gloomy. It doesn't mean they are hypocrite, it's just a cultural-behavioral difference that you should be aware of it.

If russian people don't smile to you - it doesn't mean they dislike you, but if they smile - they really feel sympathy. If western people smile to you, it doesn't mean they love you very much - but just politeness, but it definitely may be so.

Actually you can call any kind of politeness as "lie", but we don't want to do it, right? :)

Sonia, Russians start smiling only abroad, haha :)))





Thank`s God,my family came to Uruguay!!!


But I would like to trace my ancestors....

Sonia, I like Uruguay, congratulations with legalize :))

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