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What is your favourite language?


When you study a couple of languages, you sort of like one language more than the other. At least this is how I feel.


What is your favourite language? :)




I've learned English, Russian, and French.


I speak English the best of them.

I love Russian the best of them.

I feel the French the greatest challenge of them.



I love German language, but i am forced to learn english language in order to complete my education,


I love Russian ,because it´s the language of my ancestors.

I like English... 

i like Chinese. because it is difficult and intersting 

I speak Javanese, Indonesian, and I like another language it is Japanese, French, and Serbian.

I study English and Spanish languages.I like more Spanish,but I need English for my job so I' studying Eng. more.

I'm not sure I could pick a favorite. I love Spanish, but I'm not spending as much time with it right now because I need to focus on Thai. My relationship with Thai is new, so I don't love it in the same way I love Spanish, but I do love the challenges it poses and I get excited every time I master something new.


Spanish is my old reliable friend from high school that I can neglect a bit while I hang out with someone new, but who I know will be there for me when the excitement wears off and that new friend becomes old and reliable too. English, as my native language, is my family who has been with me since the start and who will always be a special part of me. I should not take English for granted like I sometimes do.



Even though I'm learning French, I have to say Dutch and German. Though I have a soft spot for Swedish. 

I am a Spanish native speaker.

I speak a little bit of English.

But the language I like the most is Italian

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