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What are the advantages of having old people in society?

Science will help people live longer,some people thing it is good, others think it may cause problems. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.



1. The aged people are experienced and sophsticated. They can give suggestions and advice in all area of life to young people;

2. ???



1. The elderly people consume more resouces in terms of pention and healthcare funding. They saddles the government with a heavy financial burden and impair the level of social welfare to other people in society.


I need another pros to support this motion. Any suggestions will be highly welcomed!



Our grandparents deserved a life. We was growed up and educated by them. They teached us how to live. Science researches for continuance of life is respect for last generations.

Hi Konstanin,

Thanks for you comments and of course, I agree with you. But I think we are talking about social development and we should take the view of the government or, society as a whole. We are actually looking for examples on what benefits the aged people can bring to the society.


hmmm, just remember, "Con la vara que midas , seras medido"

Unknown ( or JuggingMulberry is your name? ), the aged people can't bring benefits becouse they had done it for a part of their life. One of goverment's task is provide a deserving retire and social security. Will do you want to live and work in country where goverment don't take care about the aged people?

I don't think you guys have understood the purpose of this discussion in the correct way, at least not the way I intended.

I am NOT saying we should get rid of the aged people and that's insane because some day later, we will become old as well. Besides, I don't agree aged people cannot bring benefits to society, as I have already claimed in my opening post:

"The aged people are experienced and sophsticated. They can give suggestions and advice in all area of life to young people"

A large proportion of experts are aged people, who have accumulated enormous knowledge ranging from science to technologies and social development , so how could say that they 'have already contributed to society and now they can't do it anymore" ?

I strongly believe there are still other benefits that the elderly people can bring. I just have realised what they are and I am asking here.

I hope the question is clear now

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