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help with hiragana

hello everyone. i am currently learning how to write in hiragana. if you can please put down random words or phrases that i can try and translate. please do not give me the english translations for the words until i get the charecters right and feel free to correct me if im wrong. I look forward to your help.



1 りんご!

2 みかん!

3 なし!

4 いちご!

5 ぶどう!

6 ばなな!

7 いちぢく!

8 すいか!

9 さくらんぼ!

10 もも!





5.not sure about this one.



8 suikah-cherries?


sorry if i butchered thes i only just started learning. thanks for helping though. please tell me how i did.

you got 1 point of 10!!!!

omg!!! not good score!!! im so sorry!!!^-^


1 apple

2 orange

3 ??? i dont know how to say

4 strayberry

5 grape

6 banana

7 i dont know how to say

8 watermelon

9 cherry

10 peach^-^

how many of the pronounciations did i get right?

It's not really prounciation. It's japanese written in the english(latin) alphabet, which called romanji by most english speakers. When it is actually spelled romaji in japanaese romanji. This romanji is specifically Hepburn romanji. The one in red are spelled incorrectly & blue are my corrections.

1 りんご!~ringo 

2 みかん!~mikan

3 なし!~nashi

4 いちご!~ichigo

5 ぶどう!~?~budou

6 ばなな!~hanana~banana

7 いちぢく!~ichidjiku~ichijiku

8 すいか!~suikah~suika

9 さくらんぼ!sakuranbo

10 もも!momo

So you had 6/10 spelled right in romanji. Good Job!

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