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What to do and see in HCM

Me and a friend of mine are having an 89 day trip across Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh city is our starting point and we are spending 3 days there starting this Thursday. 

So I have been reading tripadvisor and honestly none of what is suggested there feels appealing. Eating, amusement parks, eating, french colonial architecture, eating again... Seen it, done it. What would you as a local suggest doing? Smth not very touristy and mildly reckless.



As a Vietnamese have been living in Sagon for 10 years, I suggest you should try some things bellow:

1. Travelling:

- Spend some time visit Mekong Delta (Just a short southward from Saigon) , it is quite different with western countries, so you can have chance to experience some things new

- There are a lot of fruits, you can get them from tree by yourself and then eat them

2. Eating:

- Try "PHỞ" - One of the most popular traditional food of Vietnam. You should search on the internet for the brand "PHỞ 24". I think it's delicious :)

- "LẨU CÁ KÈO" is one of foods you should not skip when you in Sai Gon. One of my favorite restaurant is 97 Ba Huyen Thanh Quan street, ward 7, district 3, HCMC

3. French colonial architecture

- There are a lot of french colonial architecture in Sai Gon such as: Majestic hotel, Notre Dame Cathedral, City Opera House,....You should stay somewhere in district 01 and take a trip on pedicabs to see all location above


Hope it's helpfull for you


I recommend you should have a Vietnamese friend to help you guys to discover. Sometimes the price will change dramatically to foreigners :) You and your friend can try to eat snails, I think snail is very popular and famous in Ho Chi Minh city. There are many kinds of snails and many ways to cook them.


I usually take my foreign friends to War Museum, in district 3, they really like it. If you have time, you can visit Botanical Garden in Nguyễn Thị Minh Khai street. Or you can go to Củ Chi tunnels, it's a little bit far for HCMC center.


I have a favorite place in Gò Vấp district, which is a coffee shop, where you can see many flights landing above your head. 


I think "cơm tấm" (broken rice), xôi (sticky rice), and bánh mì thịt (meat bread) is worth eating. The price is about 20.000 VND to 50.000 VND.


I hope you will have a nice trip in Vietnam.


i have been to VN many times and you must go see chu chi tunnels that is really educational on Vietnam is about 1-5 to 2 hrs taxi ride . there is also the war remnants museum in ho chi minh that is also interesting to look at. its a shame you are only in VN for 3 days because you can get a 2 hr river cat to vung tau ( sandy beaches)

hi........what about you

what about all ?


If you went to Vietnam, you can rent one Chie pedicab, sit on it and watch the city at night. There are many options for you to go out at night, for example: Anh Sao Bridge, Notre Dame Cathedral, Ben Thanh Market, and sat sipping coffee pans. You can eat cake mix("Bánh tráng trộn"), baked bread(bánh tráng nướng) or drink soy milk(sữa đậu nành). It is usually made of student work in Vietnam.
If you want to eat fruit in the garden and take a bus up to Tien Giang, you asked where orchard is and come there. You will pay a certrain amount for boss orchard and you can eat fruit delight without paying extra money.

In addition, you can enjoy the different flavors of the snail, or poridge("cháo lòng", "cháo trắng trứng muối) at the curb side, tasty dish that is quite cheap. You just try it, you will find very interesting.
I hope this will give you a new experience in Vietnam.

And if I misspelled or grammatically wrong, you fix for me,please

I am a Vietnamese, I want to learn English!!!
Can we talk on Skype???

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