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Future English teacher looking to exchange languages

Hi everyone!


I'm currently a student of linguistics and Russian in Utah and am preparing to become certified in TEFL. I currently have plenty of people to practice Russian with, so I'd actually love to offer my help to anyone studying English. I don't care where you're from, but I prefer working with people who are passionate about English. I am not a professional, but I really want to start gaining experience with teaching English.


I can help with proof-reading professional or academic documents, correcting written assignments, and conversational practice.


Comment here or message me if you're interested. :)




hello would you mind to help me with English :)

I am struggling in English learning and you may check my profile . I am glad to know you are heading to a professional to teach English . Hope you can click me and I will be happy to speak with you for more details . 


Hi. I am from Azerbaijan. Russian is not my native language, but i can say it is my second native, as we are former Soviet Republic and very close neighbours. And i am going to take IELTS exam. So i need practice speaking. 

Of course I'm interested! I've been looking for someone native to have a nice conversation during the week and who corrects my assignments before I hand them in! It will be great because while you gain experience I will improve my speaking skills! My skype is canario_vsk. Thank you Savvy!

What a kind offer you have made, Savvy.

To be a decent teacher is not so easy , at least for me . You have to prepare so many teaching materials for your prior students prior to the class and you have to tolerate students' ignorance and asking over and over again . Everything you require is so ponderous . Anyway , still , I admire your courage .

I very much hope that you pay attention to me!!!!!!

Oleg, the person didn't visit italki 15 days... Let say it was holydays period ))

I'm interested


Hello, excuse me, but l found mistake in your profile - 'люблю помочь людям' is not correct, we say - 'люблю помогать людям'

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