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Advice for me

Hi everyone!
I want learn English and some people that I know here, are helping me.
They are so nice and kind.
I want to ask you: recomended me some easy easy books in English with parallel text in Italian, for learn better English, please?

I need the parallel text because I haven't much knowing of English.

Thank you. Bye Bye ^__^




I don't recommend parallel text.  It is too easy to just read your language, and also the translation may not be word for word.  It is a crutch to rely on your own language and translation. Start with children's books or easy Penguin classics and just read the English only.  Slowly you will build confidence and learn more English and move on to more difficult texts.

I wanted the parallel text because I'll never understand all, and so, how can I? I have a basic level.

However thank you for your advice ^_^

there are many way to understand new words without translation.
First way : get word and put her in google images, by picture u can understand what mean.
Second way : use ur basic level to understand , just use this phrase to search : " what does "here word" mean.
ex : what does handsome mean.


I read many parallel texts at the start while learning French, and I believe you can search for the Italian equivalents on amazon :)

they were very helpful for me, because I could read the french phrases in context and see how "nice phrases" were phrased in French and their equivalent meanings in English, and vice versa. in terms of how it worked for me.. coupled with intensive French lessons at University and out of University, and listening to French radio as often as I could, I managed to attain a B2+ to about C1 level in French in less than 2 years as assessed by my teachers, but I haven't got round to taking the exams yet :) I believe everyone has different ways of learning and with that said, each way has its pros and cons too, so if you feel that a parallel text would help you, don't let what anyone says discourage you, because it may just be exactly what you need to succeed :)


also, I'm in the UK at University with an English friend who is doing an advanced Italian course as part of his degree, he hasn't got round to creating an italki account but let me know if you'd like to do a language exchange with him, he's friendly, loves Italian culture and speaks absolutely fluent English :)


That is why i suggested children's books or easy Penguin books.  Start with easy language readers and build your way up.  If you rely on translation you will never be free of it.  Children's books will have pictures and be illustrated enough that you can guess meaning and keep reading.

Have you ever heard of the LR-method? (Listening-reading method. Google it.) I used it a couple years ago while learning French and German. I was in a beginner position as well, but I used nothing but Harry Potter audiobooks that brought me from zero to almost hero; at least when it came to aural comprehension. The best part about learning English? There's an endless amount of material and audiobooks to use. Once you find something that you really like to read, along with the audiobooks and a corresponding text in English that has a translation that closely resembles your native language, then you might not even need a parallel text. It can be daunting at first, but nothing beats jumping right into the fire once you have a basic grasp of the language.

I  use google translate with smartphone.first read than  Took the picture of the page and than it can translate the sentences you selected. Perfect! 

Thank you at all! You're very kind!! Thanks!!

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