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Shopping with Chinese girl in China

I just read this article about boy who didn't handle shopping with his girlfriend very well.

From time to time,I see  similar stories.


Article is here:


My question is what is your experience with shopping with chinese girl?



Honestly!  One crazy couple and it's all Chinese girls being like this? 


wow= = too was a tragedy.

wow,i m a chinese girl ,and i know this news, whenplp around me heard this news, we all shocked by it ,it would never happen on a normal man and a normal women,,don,t believe that all chinese girls r so crazy with shopping,,,

It depends on which girl are you acccompany. Some Chinese girl love shopping very much, some not.

Oh, feel so sorry to read that news.  Few girls are like that in China I think, at least my girl friends are not like the women in the news. I also guess this kind of women are everywhere in the world, don't you think so? Not just exist in China.

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