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Which is better for the children ?

To quit the mother her job and stay at home after the children birth ?
or to bring a nanny for her children ?

Which will be useful more for the children?
Collecting money for their life or the presence of parents around them since childhood ?

For every woman . . . let me ask you something,
Which more important for you . . . your children or your job & your success ?

For every man . . . let me ask you something,
Why do you think that the children are responsible from their mother ?
Where is your role ?

Finally . . . For all of you,
what is the right role for both mother and father which will help them to live as a happy family with their children ?



my children :)

The word mom is full of love and tenderness.being a mom needs to sacrifice a lot of things.the mother's responsibilities don't only circle on feeding her kids,she should work hard to provide them with happiness     and comfort.It is a treasure when you see your children milestone.

I'm not married to answer the question, but I can say that the nature of women's emotional and she Is unable to manage the kids properly because of the auctioneer on the contrary, a man can deal with them firmly.


Everybody from new born baby to elder knows the right answer but we see the difference due to genuine reasons and invalid reasons as well. :)

if the woman is sure that she can handle them both children and work so that's great but if she can't do that then i think she should prefer her children .for your questions for men i think that this responsibility ,they both have to share together . sometimes women arent the only ones to blame sometimes blame should be on the man too because they had their children  together not only by herself so men have to be able to take the responsibilitiy not leaving the whole of it on the women shoulders . i am a man and i think this is the right thing to do are you?

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