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fat oh my god

seem like i am not prefer to be a office lady, makes me fat sitting here all day



lol,ok u are so nice ,thank you .

Yes.Alexander has absolutly true.

Alexander, two rules about women:

1) "Am I fat..?" - "NO!!!"

2) "The girlfriend of you friend is beautyful, right?" - "NO!!!"

The delay between question and response shoudn't exceed 0.75 seconds.


If this is your recent photo, so I think that it's too late, you're already fat,
Just kidding with you office lady :P

Try to play sport always, Sport will change your life completely,
you will eat as much as you want,
you will work as an office lady :P
without caring about if you are fat or not, anymore . . .

& I want to give you an advice . . .
Stop caring about ( how do others see you ),
don't bring sadness to your life,
when you meet someone & when you start to think about ( how does he/she see you ),
just remember one thing . . . he/she also worry about ( how do you see him/her ),
maybe more than you,
remember that, and you will smile, and will tell yourself . . . Whatever,

you are beautiful . . . and you know that,
& you don't wait me to tell you that,
So I hope that your replay for my comment will be . . . Whatever,

Best of luck for you fat office lady :P


for become a fat lady,you works for 300 years continu without get up of the chair

It's my frustration to gain some weights but sitting all day is not that effective.

If you are sitting all day, it doesnt help your figure, but what makes you fat is eating too much, not sitting. It is true that some men like fat women, but the supply of fat women way way out exceeds demand. Take care of yourself, stay healthy, if some men like unhealthy women, its their problem.

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