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What cartoon films in English do you like?


What short cartoons or TV programmes for kids would you recommend ?



Do they like disney? Phineas and ferb is good!

Mowgli the jungle boy


Really nice cartoons!

I also remember short cartoons about a little train, how are they called?

"How to Train Your Dragon", it's great.

Tom & jerry....

The fairly oddparents <3

It depends on their age group.


This list is in an order from the most suitable for younger kids to most suitable for older kids:

Dora the Explorer

Sesame Street

Spongebob Squarepants



The Magic School Bus

Jimmy Neutron

Adventure Time

Jackie Chan Adventures

Dragon Ball Z (it has some gore like blood and occasionally severed limbs if they don't mind that)

Dragon Ball (I've only put this so high on this list because there are some really perverted moments (mostly just for humour), which apparently were more acceptable in the original Japanese. Otherwise, I'd put it much lower on this list)




Catherine, maybe you're thinking of Thomas the Tank Engine.


Yes, that's it), thanks for such a good list

I liked the Simpsons ...

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