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being crazy

what do you think of being crazy? can we consider if we behave weird things that people couldn't accept as a craziness?or can we call ourselves as a crazy people?




When someone is doing unnormal, I would sayhe is crazy.

To quote the song 'Crazy' by Seal: "...we're never gonna [going to] survive unless we are a little crazy!" 


Having said that, there was a crazy old man at the bus stop tonight wearing headphones and twirling about. It seemed he was practicing his dance moves, if rather drunkenly. I did not think I'd survive if I stood too closely so I moved away. (True story!)


Some might say, "Each to their own". 

I say, "There's a time and a place!"


This is indeed a very philosophical question. I have this strange feeling lately that people around me are crazy. For example, they would buy a lot of stuff that they don't need, or that they would believe whatever the news tell them.
Then I have this thought that may be I myself am the crazy one. This hypothesis is at least supported by one other person - my wife. She always calls me crazy.


Hello Firman


  It is a  normative part of experience to go through a period (or several) in which one feels

"crazy"  or in which  people and life genrally appears to be crazy.


   For myself, I employ  Logic to sort our life's questions,

and I use  Prayer to establish a relationship with God  to maintain my balance.


   It would be difficult  to comprehend the meaning of "crazy" unless one considers

definitions for "sanity".


    Regarding such questions,  I have always found     part of the script  from  the movie

"Man of La Mancha"  with   actor Peter O'Toole  to be relevent.  The text is in my Notebook Entries.



    One   young lady speaks these words @


  Cervantes  was a writer from Spain  who wrote  "Don Quixote"  400 years ago.


  If you wish to pursue further the subject of Madness, you can find my notebook entry for Hamlet,  taken from Shakespeare's play from the same name.







People like to call others crazy, if they are different. All of us "crazy" in some kinds of actions and reasonings.

Very interesting topic.

I think people tend to think so, when behavior of other people is different from their own. When it doesn't look like "normal". But if talk about "normal", this definition is one criteria of social norms. Because only society has the ability to decide, what is the "normal" or "not normal".
Being crazy...?
What sense do you attach to this definition?
Because, as I understand, you talk about your own position in this matter. "Crazy"?
This diagnosis can be made by doctor and, as you know, send to the special institution.
Many people think so, when their loved ones take care of them too hard, and, sometimes, their behavior may not seem normal.
Everyone has only his a specific set of qualities. In my view, such a quality as "crazy" is one of the individual characteristics of that or other person.

So what is the most crazy thing you have done?

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