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How long does it take to become fluent in English? (sincerely)

Hello. I know this is something pretty subjective and there are lots of sites on the net talking about this, but each one has a different opinion. Some people tell you have to study at least 1200 hours, others think that's possible speaking fluentely in about 6 months, 1 year, 5 years and so on (I just have already heard even in 10 (TEN) years). The coordinator of my English course told me that are needed from 4 to 6 years to speak fluentely, but I have only two classes a week, one and a half hour each one. I think he didn't take into account the fact that I study more than 3 hours a day on my own, on all the days of the week.

I think they want to keep them pupils caught up into the school paying monthly as long as they can, after all, an English school is above all a for-profit company.


Anyway, I'd like to know the opinion whose is studying or just can speak English fluentely (and isn't owner in an English school), I've planned taking an interchange on my vacations after I'm able to speak with some confidence, however, as I have no idea of when it's supposed to happen, I can't even set a deadline to do it.


If someone could give me a light, It'd be great, because to me, doing anything without a settled deadline looks a bit weird.

Thanks in advance.



 I think it depends on how often you speak not how many hours you study. One of my friends , who visited language school in usa  for one year,wrote well english but her oral english was getting poor after years without spesking english.


Your writing is already good, so I'd say not long!

I know this isn't the answer you want, but if I were the boss of your English school I wouldn't have given you a time at all! There is no definitive time frame.

Things that affect the time it takes to become fluent:
(Obviously) your time and commitment
Your first language
How easy it is for you to access English learning resources, and how good these resources are
Where you are when you learn it (ie in an English-speaking country or not)
Your personal ability for languages
Your age and learning style
What level you start at
Your confidence (very confident people often appear to speak more fluently even when their grammar and so on is not great, because they speak fast and loudly and without hesitation!)

The best I can say is, if you are studying three hours a day and taking classes, just book the holiday. You'll do just fine. :)

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