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Who dont like a chocolate? :)

I want to talk about that we like all of us is a chocolate :) I like eating very very very much and you?



chocolate is delicious but I can't eat it too much because it is too sweet for me.

Are you a diabets?


Milk chocolate is sweet, but dark chocolate is bitter.  Dark chocolate has more cocoa in it, and is actually good for improving mood. 

In a recent survey, 99% of people said they like chocolate.  The remaining 1% lied!


Who doesn´t like chocolate?



I like dark chocolate,with tea or with cold milk.

I dont like, coz its very sweet for me. And i dont like food with sweet taste hehe. 


to Ozcan:


Are you diabetic?

I don't eat chocolate on it's own but it is good with other foods.  Brownies are great.

LOL Neil is right! They lie! :D  


Chocolate causes your brain to release endorphins which make you feel good.  It's a natural pain killer which is probably why it's the first thing you go for after a break up.  :)


Perhaps you might say that I have poor taste, but spicy foods attracted me most

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