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Do you ever wish your were a Hobbit?

Lke Bilbo or Frodo Baggins. I mean, you could walk around barefoot all the time, live in a village in the beautiful countryside, wear cool 19th century-esque clothes and top-hats, blow smoke-rings, give and recieive presents and go to parties and feasts sometimes. Anyone? (this discussion is for learning any language).



I've always wanted to be a hobbit!  I could sooo rock some hairy feet. ;D

Oh yeah!  I'm all about Second Breakfast!

I don't wanted to be a hobbit. Beacause they are not pretty or handsome besides having big ears also short etc.... how ever I like there simple care fee life style also living in county side.As well as I wanna say I hate walking with bare foots

Pretty and handsome are subjective...hobbits have tough skin on their feet.

Of course! They are cute, short and have a second breakfast( it's very important :D) .Also, hobbits have fur on their feet (so, they don't freeze!)

@Malithi - "I've never wanted to be a hobbit. Because, besides not being not pretty or handsome, they have big ears and are short etc. .....however I do like their simple carefree lifestyle and living in the countryside would be nice/good. As well I wanna say I hate walking around/going barefoot." 

No, I don't wanted to become a part of them. But, I'd like to try their cuisine. It's looking delicious. Haha. Just opinion.

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