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What to do for better active English



I have little problem on reading, or understand what someone means in English. The problem is i don't do well on response to them. Whether to write or even worse at speaking.


So, what can you suggest to me to improve it?


Thank you



Watch youtube videos, movies, read books and skype conference calls and you will master your skills!

Hi, I'm sorry maybe i am not clear enough. What i mean is i'm good at English to Indonesia (my native language) but very bad at Indonesia to English. I can read English books, or watch English movie. But when i try to write or speak English, it is terribly bad.

write somethink down, or write letter to me for example ))


Hi Seraphina,


It's always alot easier to understand and interpret something than to express it yourself.
I would suggest engaging in the language more somehow, for instance skype calls are great for that. Try to respond in english, and if you don't know the response in English, simply ask.
It's really important, to use new words when you learn them. Even if you just try to put it in a sentence in your head. It's all about making connections :), you'll remember it and be able to use it alot more comfortably if you have already used it in context. Anyway I hope that helped, good luck!


- Rafi 

I agree with Rafi you need to practice more speaking the language with someone. Best would be if the other person doesn't understand your language at all so you have no other way to converse with each other than  to use English. At least that how it works for me, my German is still not the best just because here I could get by with just English but in situations where I have no choice but just to express myself in German in order for the person to understand me, then I can speak the language not perfect but I know I will get there soon.

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