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in daily life, how to practice oral English

hello everyone! i'm in Beijing, wanna to practice my oral english, best in daily life, so anyone who knows some where is perfect.

i often watch British/U.S. drama, but badly never communicate with someone in English, i feel often have no active and courage to say something in English to others. shy? or not?

desired could fluently in communication. Thanks for your reading and hope could give me help or idea!

nice day to u ~~~



Hello ,

why don't you find a language partner or teacher from italki. SO you can practice speaking additionally there is a site call that having so many vidio & audio lessons with vocabulary.


What I'm doing is first I hear the conversation sevaral times then read the vocabulary & I'm practising the conversation with out looking at the text useing my own words & new words.

You can also try & hope this might be helpful

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You can start your practice any time you find the language partners on internet . To get familiar with essential vocabulary and grammar is the first step to master your english , following that , I would suggest you concentrate more on your speaking and listening . Anyway , start with your desired partners to practice straight away no matter where they are from . It is never too late for you to start your practice .

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