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What do you think about whether to wear School uniform or not.

I guess it is followed by their own culture.

How about your thinking?

Just talk.



I think  school uniforms  very  ugly  in  China's

And  i don't  like it 

So.. your opinion is that if your school uniform looks great. you wanna put ur uniform on?

From my point view its great. whole collage wearing same color suit. Its recognizable.

i like to wear uniform if it looks good because of the following reason:


1. I can have student discount by just looking at me. no need for me to tell them I am a student.


2. I don't want to spend many hours in front of my closet thinking what will I wear today.


3. well I look like a good student if I am in uniform hehe


wakakaka If I could choose, I would prefer to wear uniform since I just have few clothes hahahh but unfortunately college students do not wear uniform...thats why my friends always notice that I wear the same clothes that I have already worn in the previous week. 

I think uniform is a good idea, it is a part of discipline. Follow the rule when you are under age and when you are graduate from school, you can express your personality in college. 

A good way to make from children little soldiers..

Thankful for your attendance.


Review of all, many of us support the way to wear uniform.


It has also pros and cons.


But It is important that the symbol of student just in looking is necessary when they are young.


To wear uniform is the first plus final chance to feel belongingness.

There are a lot of pros and corns in wearing scholl uniform. In my childhood schollchildren looked like grey mice in grey and costums and dark brown dresses. Only white shirts have brighten up boys' uniforms and the white collar was the only decoration of girls' dresses.

However, I agreee with IReallyCareAboutYou, that really made pupil equal. None of student felt defective.

Now school uniforms here are far nicer. However, they cost a lot of money and sometimes parents couldn't afford themselves to buy them. The more prestigious is school, the more expensive uniform.

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