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Give me a Chinese name

A languange partner asked me for my Chinese name but I realized I don't have one. Does any one have a good one for me "Francisco." Is there a method in coming up with one?



「范哲高」 好听吗?

always with the family name placed first,then is your turn. 2or3characters in total would be ok,

frankly u can try to check some character u like on web ,make a random name. 

but if u want try some traditional surname ,check this 百家姓...



Name: 范安

pinyin: fan  an . 

范,    one of the family name in China.

安,    the middle name. it means peaceful, quiet, safe ect.


it's close to "Fran"  in the name "Francisco" to some extent.



hope that will help. `(*∩_∩*)′

You know, Chinese people call "San Francisco" as "旧金山" (actually it is just similar in pronunciation). Since you don't have the "San" in your name, I think you can have a Chinese name as "金山" (it can be pronunced as "jin1 shan1" in pinyin). The name is simple, easy to remeber, and the meaning is also fantastic: golden mount! 

I think 范思科 maybe is a good name 

I suggested that according your name's pronunciation 

福 : 漢字罕姓
朗 : 明亮。如:「明朗」﹑「晴朗」。
熙 : 光明。如:「熙明」、「光熙」

I think you should pick a chinese name that doesn't sound like your english name but represents a meaning.


I see many chinese people pick english names that are not even close to their chinese name. I even joke about it with them sometimes. I have a friend name Apple so I asked her (in a joking way) why she calles herself apple. is it because her chinese name is 苹果 or 啊破 ? I have another friend named Tina is her chinese name 踢那?


is 大山 english name big mountain? It's acutally Mark. 

Chang Chee Koo :')

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