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Consipiracy theories

Do you believe in them? The illuminati , the new world order , the Bilderberg group controlling the world etc... 



You didn't mention the main group - ZOG, because they watch you... haha :))

If seriously, the belief in conspiracy theories is a kinda diagnosis, when people try to blame somebody for their own problems, and some politics use it for increasing their popularity.

ZOG forces me to write such posts!

apparently such groups are responsible for the dictators and the revolutions against these same dictators!!  

There is no conspiracy theory, if you do not have a plan you will become a part of others plans.

I didn't believe on conspiracy theory until a read that some of theme are proven true. Here is a link :


Now I still don't believe but I have to admitt that some of theme can be true.


apparently such groups are responsible for the dictators and the revolutions against these same dictators!! - Oussama


That is nothing new dear.  That sort of thing has been going on since the first organized governments were formed.  


If you like learning about how coups take place I recommend "The Night Watch" by David Atlee Phillips. Interesting stuff!  Here's a link...


But to answer your question... I don't believe the Illuminati as it's described on the net exists; but, I know for sure that conspiracies and some other really screwed up things like what is in the link Ahmed posted have and still do take place.  The general population of the world getting screwed by their selfish aims is just happenstance.  

actually I have same question with you Oussama,,

the clause "we watch you" in Apple website, and some says they promissed the popularity and also wealthy, the one eye in movie or video clip even in any lyric song from famous singer,,

Realize it, but I dont have any point of view about that,, I really dont get it and I dont understand how they work,,

I know someone or some groups trying to change the world by organizing some organization , however, I do not believe they can achieve it as human beings are suppoed to be logical . Not a multitude of people would be frauded for a long time , I believe . 

I think you are right


Many topics of the media are dedicated to this subject, I think that's true. Even our president is a member of the Mason organisation.

I am not that insane to believe in some crazy stuff made up by some nut. There are heaps of better ways of spending time, for instance learning languages. 

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