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Snow falling now in Jordan

this is first time snow falls in Jordan by this year, people very happy and wonderful ambience, people resisted the cold weather and came out to the streets to play snow, i feel sad for the countries that do not fall where snow.



There is not benefit of snow. 

That's interesting because I never associate snow with that country.  I know it happens, but I forget that it's possible there.  I hope you enjoy it!

What about the Syrian refugees in Jordan amigo? are they happy?


Hopefully it'll never snow again in Jordan as they don't have shelters or anything to stay warm ;)

I love snow. :)  


Khodr, the snow could actually be a blessing for them because a layer of snow can actually serve as insulation from the cold. At 0 degrees Celsius, a tent with a layer of snow covering it is going to be slightly warmer inside than one without the added insulation.  


Malik, what is being done there to bring blankets and warm clothing to the refugees for the winter?  

I never know the snow will fall in Jordan . I suppose Jordan is located in subtropical area ....


Malhadyan you can read about snow benefits in google it has a lot of benefits.


Khodr and Phoenix Do not worry about the Syrian refugees there are a lot of local and international organizations help them and all Syrian refugees receive a monthly stipend from the European Commission and the Human Rights Organization
Maybe Syrian refugees are living a much better life than some Jordanians

allen Snow falls every year in Jordan

Thanks all for helpful comments realy i appreciate them

Sunny snow for everyone not just for rich

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