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Do You Ever Get Lost in the Dark Corners of Youtube?

Post a link! What's the strangest or most disturbing thing you've ever found on Youtube?



Ok Gerardo, I'll take that challenge. LOL  


This guy gives me the creeps....




make it good! :D

What is that stuff?  Some sort of energy drink?  At first I thought it was an add for brake fluid. o.0  And what is up with the dancing dog? :D

Sorry the first link didn't work for you... try this one...


Same guy. Still creepy. :D

My grandpa??? Um... NO!  That guys real life story is even more creepy than his videos.


But here is someone I actually DO know in real life...

LOL!  Skinny Lenny is awesome!  Here's a video of him looking a little more "normal..."

I think this counts as strange:

Ok Jmat.  I had to stop the singing unicorn mid video.  It was making my brain bleed.  



Those videos are just for strong heart people,
Please don't watch those videos if your heart is weak,
Oh . . . I really need to forget those videos to be able to complete my life,
especially the last one,

What a scary & harsh world where we live :( Yeah I cant even remember how I got to this video.

Salad Fingers is one of my favorite things on the internet. It's totally random, creepy, weird, and kind of funny at the same time.

There are plenty of other episodes but that's one of my favorites

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