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Do You Ever Get Lost in the Dark Corners of Youtube?

Post a link! What's the strangest or most disturbing thing you've ever found on Youtube?



Ok Gerardo, I'll take that challenge. LOL  


This guy gives me the creeps....




make it good! :D

What is that stuff?  Some sort of energy drink?  At first I thought it was an add for brake fluid. o.0  And what is up with the dancing dog? :D

Sorry the first link didn't work for you... try this one...


Same guy. Still creepy. :D

My grandpa??? Um... NO!  That guys real life story is even more creepy than his videos.


But here is someone I actually DO know in real life...

LOL!  Skinny Lenny is awesome!  Here's a video of him looking a little more "normal..."

I think this counts as strange:

Ok Jmat.  I had to stop the singing unicorn mid video.  It was making my brain bleed. Yeah I cant even remember how I got to this video.

Thanks IReallyCareAboutYou. Now the banana song is stuck in my head. o.0

And Maria... what can I say? OMG... just... OMG. 0.0

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