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Do You Ever Get Lost in the Dark Corners of Youtube?

Post a link! What's the strangest or most disturbing thing you've ever found on Youtube?




You go first!

Ok Gerardo, I'll take that challenge. LOL  


This guy gives me the creeps....




make it good! :D


I couldn´t open your link the mean time here´s my link ++++++spoiler alert+++++++ It´s mexican regional but still creepy....

What is that stuff?  Some sort of energy drink?  At first I thought it was an add for brake fluid. o.0  And what is up with the dancing dog? :D


Oh now I saw your video jeje... creepy old guy reminded me of that guy Martin Landau in that film "Ed Wood" Is he your grandpa? :)

Sorry the first link didn't work for you... try this one...


Same guy. Still creepy. :D


Hard to explain but trust´s creepy jeje


One last suggestion....It´s always good to know who the masters of weird images are...


My grandpa??? Um... NO!  That guys real life story is even more creepy than his videos.


But here is someone I actually DO know in real life...

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