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being closer...

Sometimes we can feel well or, in opposite, unwell in company with these or other people. As a rule, one person, maybe two. We even can't explain, why it happens. They can be very good people, kind and interesting, but that feeling doesn't give us a peace. It's like a feeling of discomfort, a sense of tension, embarrassment. And it's really unpleasantly.

How do you think, why it happens?



Personally, it is the sense of belonging responsible for it. 


Yes,sometimes we would like to be alone,but sometimes we want to be with friends.I think so,but I do not know why.Is it part of humanity?

People are the most complex creature in the world especially they have complicated demands in their spirit . Do not be surprised . Listening to the voice from your mind and emotion and you will know what to do .

it is good and hard question in the same time because sometimes i get this feeling and dont know the reason but i think it is like love, you know that they are saying that love is like chemistry ,you need to find the right elements for the right combination so i think it is the same here .so you can have this feeling about one person but in the same time one of your friends don't feel the same you do .sometimes our mind tells us something but our heart or inner soul tells us something different and i think this why we have this feeling and i alson think this conflict between mind and heart or inner soul will be always exist as long as humans are on the earth ? becausehumans are really the most complicated creatures on this planet  


Sometimes it is good to pay attention to that feeling, there may be something actually not good in the situation and it is best to stay away. 

Yet at other times it is just that you are not used to each other yet, it will take a few times getting together and getting to know each other before you start feeling more comfortable.  And that is a process that is necessary to make new friends, you have to overcome the first uncomfortableness and share with one another till you start feeling that sweet feeling of familiarity and warmth, and ability to share with each other.  It is a process well-worth going through.  With most of my friends I have felt that uncomfortable feeling at the first, and it took time to get over it.  Now I feel comfortable with them.

One of the best ways to get rid of that feeling is to do activities together where you are working together (eg cooking or cleaning or helping somebody else together), or going for a walk, or going for a drive, or playing board games, etc, where you are not forced to stare at one another continually around the dining room.  

clashing of different personality?? maybe both of you can't find a neutral ground.

Thank you all for participation in the discussion.

I'd like to say, that in my case it's not only people, who I meet for the first time. There are some people, since school I know them, and that feeling hasn't been leaving me so far.

Partially I can agree with Alexander999. I think it really makes sense.

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