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How to memorize so many English words and never forget?

i always forgot the words i've memorized a week ago or even two days ago . Any suggestion? Appreciate it.



I've been looking into this myself, and most language experts seem to agree that learning single words on their own is a waste of time. Instead, many experts recommend memorising whole sentences because that gives you a context, which is crucial to triggering your memory. I've found that when I try to recall a specific word that I learnt years ago, I can remember which text book I read it in and what the chapter was about, but not the actual word itself! It makes sense that this is because the words were all written as a list, rather than being grouped together and connected to each other in short sentences. Check out this article, I found it really helpful, especially Luca Lampariello's approach:


Good luck!

How can you remember so much Chinese word? It's too complicated.

I don't learn Chinese, but I learn Japanese, it's the same thing, right?

Learn day by day, night by night. Try to speak, read, write, and listen English, you must meet those words again and again, and you will remember it automatically.

By the way you have the same family name with me, though we have different nationalities.

you have to practise it everyday so you will not forget it.

you are not the only one )

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