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What do you do at Christmas?

Sure in each country differently.



I'm not a chirstian. So I gonna visit some of my friends who celebrate christmas. I hope it will be wonderful


In El Salvador people spend time with their relatives and then return home. Children play with Fireworks while some adults are singing and dancing.

Every year at my church, we have a Christmas program. This year was very exceptional. We did the program 3 times. One of those times was on Saturday, which was for those that perhaps won't visit the church on Sunday, because they have their own church to go to. This way, they were still able to come on Saturday, without missing their own church on Sunday. It was a great success!!! I personally enjoyed it so much, that I went on Saturday, Sunday morning, then watched it online Sunday night, so my ill wife could watch it. We always remember the virgin-birth of Jesus.

I am from America. We decorate the house with lights, bring a tree indoors to decorate as well ( 2 weeks prior to Christmas). On Christmas day we get together for a large meal to celebrate.


Of course, we visit liturgy.

Christmas is a birthday of Jesus Christ. We might bring some gifts for him.
It is a prayer, charity, honesty and love for others. 

I'm going to drink much vodka

I'm gonna hang out alone...

I dinner with the 24 i father's family and 31 with the family of my mother and then I'll go out partying with my friends, to celebrate the new year. Also put Christmas decorations at home and put a belen at home because we are Christians.

Decorate Christmas tree, the house. Eat and drink a lot, starting from shampagne, mandarins and Russian salad. But we doing it at 31-st of Dec when celebrating New Year :) Catholic Christmas is not so popular in Russia. After New year it's repeated at 7-th January - the day of Orthodox Christmas. Then the same again at 14 January, when Old New Year.. And it doesn't stop...


I'm from Barcelona (Spain) like a curiosity, here we have the "cagatio", is a trunk of tree with a draw face. We put a blanket on it and hit it with a strick. Then the kids remove the blanked and the cagatio shitted candy!


pd. sorry for the mistakes

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