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Hidu short-story. Please correct it.-

Las summer I went to India, it is a beautiful country. People are very friendly and little by little I like getting to know new cultures.

One night, after dinner, we were sitting in front of the door of our lodgings. The room temperatura at night in India is comfortable. Next to us were an old man, dressing an old t-shirt and his doty, going here and there curious about us.

He sat near to us and he started to speak in Telugu, it was his mother tongue. We didn’t understand any word, but fortunatelly, we had a friend who spoke Telugu and English. Before that, we were speaking about Hindu people and life style. I realized that Hindu peple are conformist with their destiny. Poverty and backward castes were around us without suggestions for improvement. The old man, called Pramud struck up a conversation and told us a short-story that I had never heard. Obviously, our friend Satya, translated all story.

“A water carrier in his hometown had two large buckets hanging from the ends of a stick and wearing over his shoulders .

One of the buckets had several cracks, while the other was perfect and kept all the water at the end of the long walk, but when it came , the broken bucket had only half the water.

For two full years this was so daily , of course the perfect bucket was proud of its accomplishments , perfect as it was known to the purposes for which it was created . But the poor cracked bucket was very ashamed of its own imperfection , and miserable because he could only do half of everything that was supposed to be his duty.

After two years , the broken bucket spoke to the water carrier , saying :

"I'm ashamed and I want to apologize to you because my cracks because you can only deliver half my load , and only get half the value you should receive. "

The water carrier, said compassionately : "When I get back home I want you to notice the beautiful flowers that grow along the way. "

That was true, but anyway he was embarrassed because in the end , there was only in half of the water if they had to carry .

The water-carrier then said " Did you notice that the flowers only grow on your side of the road?Always I have known your cracks and wanted to take the positive side of it. Sowed flower seeds along the way by which you and every day you watered and for two years I have been collecting these flowers to decorate the altar of my God. If you weren’t exactly as you are ,wouldn’t have been possible to create this beauty. "

There are many ways to encourage people. He who has ears to hear, let him hear.



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