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Idioms and proverbs to share

Proverbs and idioms are a strong tools to express a thought ; but they are also tricky and make the comprehension difficult between people of diffirent cultures. Can you please share an idiom or a proverb you know and explain it.

I will start by this one that I learned from my teacher :

He is as fit as a fiddle. And it means that : He is in good health.



yess, I believe strongly that proverbs and idioms help you to have better conversation and also help you to have better IELTS score band in speaking part for those who want to take part in IELTS exam.

this proverb ( as fit az fiddle ) is so useful 

I wanna share another : "don't count your chiken before hunt " 

It means don't jodge soon

Thak you for this useful one.

"Don't judge a book by it's cover"

means don't judge anyone by his external appearence.

"break a leg"
means good luck or do your best.

Here are some too.


1. Saving for a rainy day -putting money aside for when I need it.


2. Foggy headed - not thinking clearly


3. So hot headed - get angry easily

Thank you for sharing.

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