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I want a learnning-partner in program "wechat"

can someone else be a partner with me,I want to exchange the languge with partner who want to learn chinese.beside above,I like someone can chat in telphone program called "wechat".It's so hot in china.Welcome someone who can help me,or who I can helped



I can help you 

I too have an account in wechat.



I have wechat. I'm learning Chinese at a slow pace because I have difficulty reading the characters. I read pinyin phoentically and try to match it with the simple chinese writing style. Please send me a msg of your wechat username and I will reply.

my wechat account no. is fen_mama2011.Nice to see you.

hello,Amanda,i notice my wechat no. on website.Yonu can add me,nice to see you.

Grace, I am unable to search for you. wechat said there is no profile with that name.

me too.


my wechat: 243956195

if you can't find me.add my qq no. to chat,my qq no. is 45543170

sure,anyone would like to chat with me to learn from each other,you can connect me,my account is above the answer,see you soon.

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