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Online Translator like Google Translate

Does google translate provide the correct pronounciation of the Arabic words?


For instance,


How do you pronounce this sentence:


من اين انت

Can we rely on the translator for the pronounciation



No , I just tried it and it's a total mess!! but if you add the appropriate shakl it will work good :

مِن أَيْنَ أَنْتَ

You pronounce it like : men ayna anta ? = where are you from ?

@ Oussama: Thanks, but for those unfamiliar with the arabic language, I don't think that Google translate will help me with the pronounciation. Or else, there is a way to add the vowel signs there? How do I do that? They have the feature there?


@ Manar: Ok. Can I also pronounce it like min ayna anti?

For me i think that we cant rely on google translator a lot or expect that he gives us what we want because  it isnt true ,it always makes literally translation which many times can be wrong and for pronounciation of arabic words ,i think it is bad idea to rely on google because unfortunately google and other translators don't take care of arabic 

for what you wrote the right pronounciation is 

min ayna anti ? if you are talking to a girl 

min ayna anta ? if you are talking to a man 

or  you can replce min with men ,both are right 

men ayna anti ?

men ayna anta ?

if you need any help , don't hesitate to ask 

good luck 

I tried a reverse method : after I translate from english to arabic , I copy what I get and choose to translate from arabic to another language. At the bottom left corner there are two icons , the right icon has an arrow on it , click it. select the keyboard icon. This gives you a virtual arabic keyboard. if you click on the "SHIFT" button , you can access the secondary characters , like the sound vowels. add them according to what you need and the pronounciation should work just fine. Of course if you don't know before hand how to pronounce the words , it's just a useless tool. I highly recommend NOT using it.

What needs to be understood about Google Translator is that you should only use it for individual words. But, you should also understand the grammar of the language you're translating. Even then the translations aren't that great.

Thanks for your inputs everyone.

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