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Hi everyone! I watched this film a few years ago. The final was a little bit confused, because you can't see if the top stop spinning at the end or not... Do you think that the main character was awake, or conversely , his wife was right and everything was a dream? Did you like the movie? Let me know your opinion :)



you mean inception ? 

that movie is intended to make you confused. though , acording to this theory :

at the end , he was not dreaming.

INCEPTION, sorry I'm spanish ;)

It`s a great move! I think that the ending is a dream cause  his childrens wear the same clothes, well is confuse :) 

there are many movies that we don't understand the end of them and leave us confused and this movie is one of them so if you found yourself confused in the end of this movie then you are a normal person :D

Leonardo is handsome as usual :D

I like it very much.But I can't remember some detail now.Maybe it's a dream in the end.

I won't tell you it's only my intuition... :P

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