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What kind of music do you like? And whats your favorite song?

Just curious about the types of music the people here on italki like, and you're favorite song. I loveeeeee k-pop ^~^ and I have soo many favorite songs, but I guess I could say Lee Hi - Rose. c: So tell me what you like!



Most of all I like alternative rock. One of my favorite songs is Imagine Dragons - America

I like to different music, but the more rap and hip-hop. My favorite song is kreed-out time (вне времени).the song is super!!!!

Rock alt rock house techno alt techno raprock king of pop.   All the vocal centric, groove, dance music.   Thrash for my air guitar. All the good suit.




Favorite song right now( this is gospel , panic at the disco). I also meant s.Hit up there Damn auto correct.

jazz's my favorite music and rock alternatife. My favorite band's Lifehouse 

Nice choices of music everyone!

I prefer to listen to celtic music and I like heart by heart song for Demi Lovato.

I think it should be metal music. I have too many "favorite" songs...

Just put one here: Saknet (Windir).

I love  k-pop too ^^. Like 2LSON and Big bang, also I like Jazz =>like Georgie fame, Mpb (Brazilian music) => Cássia eller, The smiths, radiohead, gusgus and Veronica Maggio. :)

Awesome! ^~^

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