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l want to lose weight,what should l do



Diet and exercise.


Do the Beyonce Lemon diet. 10 pounds in 10 days. It's a detox too. Good luck :)

what's that?medicine??


No it's suppose to be natural. Beyonce loss 20 pounds, I doubt you will need to lose any weight, but here is the link :)

You can start walking 30-45 minutes everyday. This is good if you gained weight slowly over time. Which means you have eaten just slightly more than you need. 

eat 3/4 of your regular rice portion and add lot of vegetables in your dish (better if you add 2x more than usual). for snack, you'd better eat fruits (but avocado is not recommended) and salad. and you'd better avoid starchy and fried foods. good luck :)

Do not have certain foods in your house.


If you have ice cream, cakes, cookies, potato chips, sodas,  etc. in the kitchen, you will just eat them.


Sugar is the main reason for gaining weight.


If you cut out most sugar, you will quickly lose weight.


you are the girli in the photo,if a rigth you don't have need of lose weight,ni hao

you can visit wikipedia page for more infotmation. i sugest a seroius diet with exercices also may help.

Special diets will only work for a short time, but not for permanent results. It helps to have a balanced diet and do exercise you enjoy. A balanced diet is important - you need plenty of fruit and vegetables but you also need carbs and protein for energy and, well...there is too much good food in the world to treat yourself with, on occasion!


As for exercise, do something you enjoy - it doesn't have to be big at first. Maybe try walking around your city while listening to music, or going swimming, or even going for a quick jog in the morning. If you obey these, I'm sure you will lose weight over time. Remember that it takes a long time to lose weight permanently, so don't give up :)

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