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Help with Spanish?

I'm looking for help with Spanish. I can help you with English in return.



Hi Jonathan.


I am looking for someone to help with his Spanish and help me with my English.

See you.


Madrid, España

I am interested. Do you have a Skype?

I'm also interested to learn english, and spanish is my native language!

No, I haven't got Skype.

I'm sorry, I dont have enough fluency in English to use it.

I'm thinking first get fluency at writing without the help from a dictionary.

When I get this I will give the next step "Skype".

Sorry, regards.

Hey dude, I'm interested in practicing English in order to improve my knowledge and abilities, I saw you're interested in Spanish so, just let me know if you'd like to get in contact with me. 

Be good. 

Hi..i can help you wtih your spanish and i'm looking for someona who can help me with my english

Hi  Jonathan,  we can help  each other ;)  

Hi Jonathan, i'm a native speaker ( spanish) and i'm very interested in help you with your spanish, my skype is (johncyriis8702) just add me we can help each other, see you man (y)

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