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I'm interested in all aspects of British lifestyle

Who would like to tell me how to socialise in Britain? What kind of conversation do British people usually have when they are in a quite formal ball or banquet? How do they dress up?



That's a very big and open ended question Ming! The only brief piece of advice I can give is learn to make what is called 'small talk'. That is talk about non-controversial things - keep away from politics and religion for example, at least when meeting people for the first time. Work, Current affairs, economics, music, films etc are all ok as long as you steer clear of controversy. Of course, you have to tailor your conversation to suit your audience, so for example, if you are talking to a lady, do not talk about football! And yes, you would have to dress up for a formal ball. Good luck!

Thank you Amul. I will try to get my questions more detailed. Actually I'm going to the UK next month to live with my housband who is working there. The company he worked is going to hold a formal ball or something like that which all his business partners and colleagues will be invovled. I really want to behave properly and make friends with those people. But I don't know where to start and what preparation I should do. I'm hoping to find a language partner to do some reheasals like "small talk" as you said. Would you like to be my partner? 

I'm sure you will have no problems, but am happy to help if you like. Add me to your contacts list on iTalki and we can arrange to have a couple of conversations.

Thank you amul. I already added you.

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