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I want to learn Korean !!

Hi everyone ~ 

I am Eunice, I am from Malaysia. I know how to speak English and Mandarin fluently :) 

And I am learning Korean now, but still dont know how to make sentences and speak to others using Korean.

Can somebody helps me? 

And I hope to make more friends that r from Korea ^^



I can teach you Korean for conversation purposes but the grammar because I don't think I have enough time, or since you are learning it by yourself, you can use it to me when you talk to me. Then, I can correct you and give some tips in English. Also, I would like to learn chinese mandarin for conversation purposes. Let me know if you like. Thanks,

just found this link:, from this discussion board. I found It would help you a lot. Cheers!

Sorry, came again :P

This link looks better than others!


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