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I want to be a polyglot more than anything.

Seriously, as one of the language lovers, I think that polyglots are awesome.
Whether they were born with a multicultural background or they learned by themselves, they are just awesome.
For me right now, I need to more get used to developing a language core. It's still kind of hard to immediately switch my brain from Korean to English or French, vice versa.
And then my next goals are Japanese, Chinese(conversation only. I can't even dare to learn writing and reading Chinese.), and Spanish or whatever interests and motivates me.

So, what language are you guys working on now and what are the next goals?



Now I'm trying to improve my english. trying to be fluent. My next goal is japanese .

I also love people who are polyglots! Honestly I want to be a polyglot in the near future but I'm just like you. I still find it difficult to shift my mind from English to my native language to French or Korean. But I believe I'll speak them fluently if I'll only be willing to learn them with all my heart, soul and mind.


I'm currently learning French and Korean. I studied Japanese but only until beginner's level. Still not fluent but can understand some. My future goals (if ever I'll be fluent with French and Korean soon) will be Japanese (I'll continue learning it), German, Russian then maybe Hebrew or Thai. :)

for now i'm learning german and also at the same time i try to improve my french and my english :)

I have taken two other career paths, culinary and craft beer, that I doubt I will have time to be a polygot. I have been studying German but have been cooking a lot while off work and reading to improve my knowledge so it's hard to find time. I want to get a really good hold of German then I'm trying to decide which Asian language I would llike to learn, probably either vietnamese or cantonese. I might go back to French first just to become intermediete.

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