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A true friendship.

What do u thing about it? A true friendship exists or not? 

Personally I was disappointed in it. It's a sad story. :( 



it's exist

Ronal Diantry, I hope so. )

Mmm... I guess it doesn't.

Alex, it sounds sorrowfully :(

Of course it exists my dear. But for some who was taken advantage of or felt like they were used, it is possible for them to think that friendship doesn't (or never) exists. :)

Of course , I do not belive "genuine" friendship as it will vary depending upon the situation . Furthermore , you should not trust anyone too easily , however, I still believe in casual freindship .

true friend is exist .bt its depand ur frindship.

It exsis but very rare True friendship can be recognised in difficult time


you have real friends when you are young,after you know the real friends,and the real are one or two if you are very lucky,bye

I think it exists. I want to believe.

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