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HELP!How to keep a cat? lol

My cat is 3 months old now.She is a pretty naughty girl...she dosen't like being peting or touching.And when she is bored(seems she is bored all the time)she likes hugging my feet tightly and biting it lol.Could you give me some advise to stop her biting everything?The painting of one of my wall is kind of broken...(by this girl)She hates everything,except eating fish.I have no idea what to do...I think mybe she is teething in the age?



It has been a long time since I had a cat, but I remember that it's best to have a scratching post for them, they like to scratch and bite things, so we sell special posts here in the U.S. for cats to scratch so that they don't ruin furniture and walls. Usually it is just a wooden post covered in carpet. I'm not sure what to tell you about her being a picky eater, but good luck and keep trying! 

You can't change your cat. These beasts always do what they want to and ignore us. Tat's why we adore them.

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