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Do you pay for your girlfriend?

What is more common and normal in your country: you pay for your girlfriend, you pay 50\50 or your girlfriend pays for you?



Hello Evgenia, in my country I pay for girlfriend somtimes I pay 50/50 and her pays for me but it's hardly. 

I guess that it's necessarily. Man must pay for his woman. Without a doubt. In my country it's usual.

as for me and my bf we pay our own bills whenever we go on a date. Sometimes I will be the one to pay and sometimes he is the one but most of the time we pay our own expenses.

here, we (men) pay all !
if she paid anything of the amount ,she will think that i don't love her :)

In Russia I pay for all, in Europe it depends - often we pay by turns. Sometimes girlfriend didn't allow me to pay for her :)) The most surprising - it happened in Russia. 

hi guys! my country turkey and our country man pay because the mans dont accept pay money woman but I think become 50/50 :))))


in my country the girls pay because are very rich













It is not true and it is a joke

Love is mutual understanding between a girl & boy, it doesn't matter whoever pay. As long as they understand each other, its very well.

ето  все  зависит  не от  страны  а  от  человека  !

I am proud that the majority of men in my country have not yet lost the ability to behave like a man.

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