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family and weeks

How do you call your older brother and sister in korean? And also mother and father?

And what's the korean term for the days in a week like Sunday, Monday, and so on...



오빠 - oppa - Older brother (if its a girl speaking)

형 - hyeong - Older brother (if its a girl speaking)

언니 - eonni -Older sister (if its a girl speaking)

누나 - noona- Older sister (if its a boy speaking):

동생 - dongsaeng - Younger sibling

형제 - hyeongjae - Brothers

자매 - jamae -Sisters

어마 - eoma - Mum/Mom (casual setting)

어머니 - eomeoni - Mother

아빠 - appa - Dad (casual setting)

아버지 - apeoji - Father


As for days of the week, weekdays are 일 (il) and 요일 (yoil) is just "day". As for each day it is:

월요일 - woryoil - Monday
화요일 - hwayoil - Tuesday
수요일 - suyoil - Wednesday
목요일 - mogyoil - Thursday
금요일 - geumyoil - Friday
토요일 - toyoil - Saturady
일요일 - iryoil - Sunday

Hope I helped :) 

Torie's answer was all correct~.

Except little things (These must be typos^^;)

형 - hyeong - Older brother (if its a boy speaking)
마 - eomma - Mum/Mom (casual setting)
아버지 - abeoji - Father

All of these are what I've learned from watching Korean Drama (s)

 Hael-munni = Grandmother 

 Hael-abeoji = Grandfather
 Omma/omoni = mom/mother

 Appa/abeoji = dad/father

Hyung = Older brother (Masculine)

 Oppa = Older brother (Femimine) 

Unni = Older sister (Feminine)

Noona = Older sister (masculine

 Dongsae = Younger sibling (M and F)


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