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Which Arabic dialect would you say is more popular and why?



"popular" as in how many people speak it? well that would be Egyptian , spoken by 80 million Egyptians.


if you are asking about which is the one that sounds best , well almost everyone will say their own dialect is the most beautiful. 

I would say the Tunisian dialect is the most beautiful , only followed closely by the Libanese dialect. 

And if one was learning to speak Arabic, would you advise to start with MSA verses choosing to speak a dilaect? Why?

When you say you mean its sounds beautiful to the ear? 

Or is it richer in vocabulary...more poetic?

I would certainly advise you to learn MSA first , for the simple reason that dialects are not written languages , so most of them don't have good learning materiel , and they also vary alot in the same country. Also , if your aim is to communicate with most arabs , and say you learned Egyptian , it'll be almost impossible for you to understand people from Morocco or Tunisia. Though MSA is more of a written language , and almost no one speaks it in their daily life , if you are stuck when speaking with someone , you can always switch to Arabic , an almost sure way of getting your idea through.


When I said Tunisian is more beautiful , I meant that it sounds more musical. Also , the Tunisian dialect includes all the arabic letters , which is not the case in most mid-eastern dialects. A truly non objective view indeed , but that's my opinion :p 

I think you have hit the nail on its to say :)

Resolved all my queries...have been like a yo-yo this past month Egyptian to MSA... 

I guess its popular vs practicle..

Doesnt make learning Arabic easier...From MSA to then learning dialects...already the missing tashkeels make it a guessing game! But I enjoy the challenge.

Thank you :)

you are welcome

mm no not Egyptian accent , i don't like it at all . they prounounce everything wrongly . I would say saudian accent cuz it is near to the standard arabic accent

I think in the Saudi dialect there isn't a letter ق nor a letter ج . Am I right?


"Which Arabic dialect would you say is more popular and why?"

In my opinion, any Arabic learner shouldn't ask this question. Because he/she will get many different opinions and get confused at last.
What's your goal? Which country are you interested in? Which dialect sounds interesting to you?...etc.
You're the one who should decide, not people!

Yes, Misaki, I would agree with you to a certain extent. But to a beginner who cannot distinguish between the dialects...its important to have opinions. Unfortunately the choice is not as clear as it seems. I'm actually happy to have different point of views as there are dialects...

It is me who will finally decide. I don't favour any perticular country to another...The whole Arab world is fascinating and diverse..and this diversity is interesting...every part has something to offer and is  filled with rich experiences. I'd like to travel and connect with people and then make up what part I prefer more. But I cannot do that until I know the language...language is the key that opens many doors and facilitates the understanding of culture, people and their roots.

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