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Do you need to drink English tea with sugar and milk?

I want to know your idea. Because it need match sugar and milk in my restaurant.Thank you for your comment.



No, not at all! I take a lot of milk and two sugars, but I know people who take neither :)

i am working in a restaurant which has many western customers everyday, normally, when customers order a cup of English tea, it will be served without sugar and milk, but sometimes customer will specified sugar and milk,definitely this is the proper way to serve a cup of english tea.

After seeing Malcolm's reply I thought it would be a good idea to tell you what I see a lot. Usually each table there are sugar pouches worth one teaspoon, and when tea is ordered it comes in a pot with only hot water in with it and a milkjug so they can make their own tea because different people like different amounts.

I love my tea with milk and honey in it。 I don't care wether or not others consider it a proper way of consuming English tea ;)

I appreciate you for your precious opinions.


i drink tea because, i hope help me with english,only sugar 1 spoon,for a body fit

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