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What Would You Do?

If you were in charge of ending world hunger where would you start?


Taken from The Book of Questions!e-book/book/djvu/A/iif_kgpm_Book_of_Questions.pdf



what are my authorities?

i will do everything :)


I would give the money from the banks to poor people. They are  responsible that  people haven't anythings

I'll try to convince all the government to feed its people as first thing to do and then to give opportunities everybody to have a job or work the earth for feeding themselves. No buy weapons or other!

Ok you guys...please stop and think about the question... to END world hunger where would you start? The earth actually produces all the food needed both to feed ourselves and all the animals on it.  I think the two biggest issues at the root of the problem are transportation and governmental policies.  


Oussama - you have all the authority you need to accomplish your goal.  What do you think needs to be done first?


Malik - I do believe you would; however, where will you start?  


Isabel - You're right. Greed does contribute to world hunger, but, what happens when the banks are empty?  How do you fix the problem permanently? 


Ayad - Charity makes a huge difference but you would likely have to force the rich man to give up his money.  Should we really do that?  What happens when the rich man's pockets are empty?  How will you end the hunger permanently?


Andre - great answer! But... what about countries that don't have enough arable land to feed their own people? Will creating jobs make the food available in those countries?


Georgi - So... that guy basically had bread and water for breakfast. :(  How do we get a steady supply of fresh veggies to him?  


IReallyCareAboutYou - Empathy is very important with this problem but don't make yourself sick eating out of the trash.  You get food poisoning and the only thing going through your mind will be, "Oh God, please help me quit vomiting!" o.0  The hungry children of the world are counting on you.  Stay healthy; you have work to do. :)  Now, where do you start?

"The world produces enough to feed the entire global population of 7 billion people. And yet, one person in eight on the planet goes to bed hungry each night. In some countries, one child in three is underweight. Why does hunger exist?" -


"To alleviate this condition, efforts must address root causes, be sustainable (that is, programs must pay for themselves), and they must be implemented by local people for the long term." -

A deep and complete study about the traditions and nutritional habits of the different populations of the world would be the starting point. Wouldn't want to create cattle farms in certain parts where cattle is not a menu item. Then , a soil and water analysis of the different areas should follow , in order to increase local production as much as possible by planning the appropriate plantations and farms for the land. Here I will use my authority to build on what is already there : man power will be diverted from fields like the military to consolidate the farming efforts. In many areas , manpower is not enough , and climate has an important effect on production. for this purpose , I will again use my power to move products from the closest regions to such regions that can't produce the necessary food supply. A less human way would be to move populations to more fertile areas , but that's not my style. In the same time , a fertilisation effort of said areas is to be undertaken in order to dicrease reliability on imports.

I know transportaion is indeed a big problem , but I think we already have what it takes to transport goods efficiently via land , air and sea. companies like Maersk have a considerable working network for this purpose. With a bit of "convincing" , such companies can contribute to the cause. Later we can build twin companies like this one and dedicate them to the purpose of transporting food.

The financing of these projects will come from overly rich organisations and/or people.  

Awesome answer Oussama! What a novel idea... put the soldiers to work on the farms. Brilliant! :)  Such a much better world we would have if only we could make that happen.


What do you know about hydroponics?  Perhaps that would be a good solution for those areas that lack farmland due to terrain or climate. What do you think?  We could build skyscrapers full of gardens with hydroponics.


You know, we already do produce enough food to feed the world yet we still have people starving; so we have to conclude that transporting the food where it's needed is definitely an issue.  If we already have the means by which to transport it then what is really stopping it from being done???  Any ideas?

it doesn't generate money. helping others is an altruistic behviour. Altruistic behaviours tend to be non profitable. Whoever wants to end world hunger will have to find a way to tease the good side of humans into feeling for others. If you think that by rendering the help of others a profitable venture you are going to reinforce your cause , you should know that those who make alot of money prefer to make it as quickly and effortlessly as possible. And fighting world hunger takes time. 

for instance : say one day a hugely rich person said : I will pay lots of $$$ to anyone who provides "this" country with x amount of grain at the beginning of every month. You'll see how companies are going to run after this opportunity. They will like it so much that they will try to find ways to get as much grain in the smallest amount of time as possible. And every month an x amount of grain will be present at the "this" country's harbor no matter how far away it is from trade routes and richer countries. But after a year of this , you will find out that some of these countries have been taking "that" country's grain to supply "this" country.And within a few months , "that" country , a totalitarian dictatorship , will find itself in a big nutrition problem. Why did they not create farms and facilities to produce the food they were selling? because it takes time , effort, and because the government of "that" country was willing to sell. We've seen this happen when they created the vegetarian fuel , some countries ,I hear, found themselves in deficit.

No land arable ? Probably there is oil beneath :) ?

I think that each contries has their own opportunities, think as Israel was succedeed to procuct food from desert. Anyway joke apart the main obstacle is that people which are in power can choose between rule as a dictator or as a democratic.

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