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I need a American TV series to improve my English.

I always see many American Tv series.recently,I am watching two broke girls,and I like max very much,she spoken is very interesting.But they talk too quickly and I think I am just watching subtitle to understand the story.So,it's not help me to improve my English skill.Now,I need a American TV series can improve my English,don not speak too quickly and can easily understand.




game of thrones

this one is easy to understand)

Watch the Simpsons. Especially Homer, he speaks pretty slow. If you want a good tv show quality wise the Breaking Bad is also pretty good, and I don't think they speak too fast either, however that show may not appeal too you

Maybe you can try the " 30 Rock" series with Alec Baldwin :)

How I met your mother

I watched cartoon

maybe you can watch it too. they don't speak fast, well, sometimes XD

I want to give you an advice :

First I think that there is no series with slowly speaking,
they are natives, so of course they will speak too fast,
and the main point is to understand them, when they speak quickly,
so, whatever the series that you watch, start to watch with ( English Subtitle ),
step by step , you will find yourself can read the ( English subtitle ) quickly,
& by the time, you will find yourself can understand the ( English subtitle ) quickly,
then start to watch without any subtitle,
& Again step by step, you will find yourself can understand their speaking,

Finally, maybe I am just wrong . . . best of luck :)

You should start watching series "Friends".It is funny and interesting. You 'll like it

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