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Do you like wine?

Why do you like wine?

How to identify the quality of wine



No, it's forbidden in my religion because its cons are more than its pros.

Oh... are you allowed to drink alcohol in your religion?

It is forbidden as well as Is there any good of having alcohol , vine , vodka ??


Wine is use for cooking. Its a good cooking method that famaous in Europe,America, Australia etc..Red wine sauce with steak is very delicious.


the red wine is indicated with meat,pork and food important,the white wine use for fish,for aperitif , red wine Contains polyphenols,that from scientific studies is a natural anti-aging, for me the red is better than  white,for the quality you problably identify with the price,bye

Yes, I love it! haha


Hi Beilli:


   For myself, if I need to  determine the quality of a wine,  I first examine  the brand.  I know some brand names which are low quality wines.


    I look for the color such as White or Red.

I    look for the country of origin, or the region of the country of origin.


   I know the wines of Northern California vineyards are highly rated  for example.


Otherwise, I look for the wines of Germany,  France   or other countries.


  But I haven't had wine for 25 years, because I   drank it to excess.  Ha ha.



I ask sommelier for recommendation :)

I like red wine, but it gives me a headache sometimes. Not because of the alcohol, but of substances that trigger migraine.


By the way, and I know that some people hate me for saying this, but if you do not drink alcohol because of your religion, why do you post here? You cannot answer the question if you like wine. And we all know Muslims are forbidden to drink alcohol. Why do you keep on bringing that sh*te religion to every subject?


dear Jacky the red wine go drunk with food like meat ,and was the white wine gives a headache,because is more work then red. 

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