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English Course

Do you think that taking English course is just enough to be perfect in English?



i think english courses will help us to deepen our knowledge about english gramatically and orally, as far as i know. but if you wanna make your english perfect, english department in a college will help, i guess. because we will learn about english linguistics too, the literature, etc not only grammar.




In my experience, English courses (if you mean a course in your country that systematically teaches grammar etc.)  have very little value.  Here in Spain where I live many people take them for tens of years with hardly any improvement.

I recommend using a good audio course and practising it a lot until you have mastered the basics, and then use a combination of as many conversations with natives as possible, and self study using music, books and such-like.  The most important thing is that you find material that you enjoy.


Of course, there is no substitute for living in a country where English is the native language.  But this is not always easy.

Just taking english class cannot improve your english efficiently to my knowledge , however, it can give you a direction toward masting English . Keep practicing is the only way to polish your english I believe . 

I don't think so. It helps you to improve your grammer,reading,listing & vocabulary. But English is a language If you are not use in day today life its dificult to get fluent additionally there are millions of words in this language its dificult to learn by course. from conversatatin, hear news or reading books you can colllect the words to your vocabulary.  

I think it depends on the person. If you take that course seriously you will be fluent in English. But if you don't, well yeah maybe you'll find many difficulties in learning English. 

well, conversations do help.. i didn't have any conv in english these past years, and yes it got rusty. i never really taking any english course, making my grammar's as good as nothing man. but then again, i choose to be practical with my english. Anyway you better do your course seriously so you could both ace your conversation and grammatical thingy... watch The Simpsons, it might help you heh heh

No i dont think so.Because im have taking for 8 month and keep taking. İ have to go Abroad and i have to find more talkative people (english) . I Have to live which speaks english in the all country

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