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A goal you live for ................

Life without goal is life without any meaning.

So, what are you living for? what's your goal?



I don't know. 

Dude, you've to know. It's better for yourself.

I just trying to learn English now and then find a job. I like business , may I'll a business man. What's your goal?

Everyone creates their own meaning of the life, following their desires, possibilities and skills. The goal doesn't exist by itself, only you can invent your own goal in your life.

Evry boady have goals ,dreams of their life. But some one don't know their deaming about their goals besides not trying to achieve them.person who try hard to achieve their goals, can sucsess their lives.


My goal is settle in Europe & continue my studies also doing a good job.


I've been through a lot in the past, and last year before the new year I came up with 3 simple goals for my life. If I can fufill these 3 goals, all my other goals would be extra accomplishments because these 3 are the most important ones.

1. Know God.
2. Help others.
3. Know Love.

So these 3 goals may seem very simple but in reality they're meaning is very deep and important.
This year I realized that these goals are life long goals. I wish I can explain each goal with detail but I'm afraid it would be too much. I would end up writting a book if I try to explain each goal.

Natali <3 

I hope all of you having a great life.

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