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What do you dislike about your own country?

You can never love everything about your own country, there must be things you hate. It is not to say you hate everything, of course.


I will start: I do not like the 'laissez faire' in the Netherlands. The tolerance, so greatly admired sometimes, can lead to indifference towards abusive situations. It's not all gold what glitters there.



Jacky, can you provide examples of indifference towards abusive situations?

Ah, I can, but that was not really the intention of my discussion..


Okay really short then. For example our drugs policy. It was initialized as an attempt to keep the hard and softdrugs scene separated. I think this is a good thing. Nevertheless we closed our eyes for the negative effects of marihuana. Though these are a lot less than hard drugs, marihuana can trigger for example schizophrenia.  Only the last five to ten years, we have focussed attention on this issue.

Like any young blood in Indonesia (and maybe other country) i dislike my congressmen..

i dislike the politics! the government do their best to remove our identity, culture, and language. we are berber(imazighen). they impose arabic and arab culture on us. we refuse to support this yoke!

help us please to save our culture and our language (tamazight)!


You will all probably hate me... but I will admit that I dislike Disneyland. Actually, I dislike most everything "Disney." Wow, that sounds so un-American. Maybe I should double check my passport.

Hello! Even if we have a lot of things to be proud of,Uruguayans always complain abot this or that.

La queja,el deporte nacional:

 Complain,the national sport.

I agree with @Samudra

No @Diane, everybody hates something about a culture. It does not mean you hate your country as a whole. I love the Netherlands. Just the part I described I do not like. Especially while it is often wrongly interpreted and simplified by foreigners visiting Amsterdam.


I like this topic although I imagine it'll be far less popular than the 'tell us why your country is so great...' topics you get a lot.


I dislike nationalism and this idiotic romanticism of the past. People should be more forward looking. I dislike the nationalist movement for an independent Scotland. It's ridiculous on so many levels. It makes me cringe.

I dislike the fussiness lots of people have with food and trying new things. Also the terrible eating habits, seriously you wouldn't believe what people eat.


Indonesian pasort holder it is such of the craziest thing to go to another country beside

 asean country. You used to complete too much documents.

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