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why we study a foreign language?

why we  study a foreign language?A foreign language is very difficult to learn



- Your job requires you a 2nd or even 3rd language.

- Learn a new langauge as a hobby.

But foreign langauge is very difficult to learn,can you have good idea remember word?

We should learn. Beacause do a good job or take a degree or diploma in forign language additionally when we travel if we know many languages it will help us to commiunicate with people. 

I think pick up & learn the words from conversation is eazy to remember.

what does it mean “pick up”?

I find it hard to learn English is not the most difficult or Chinese

Language is the need for a better environment and practice

you can consider it as a hobby, although study foreign language is so difficult, you can accept much funny when you talk with someone who want to exchange the  language for you.

we learn foreign language to know culture of other people, how they think and behave, also for making new freindship with them.

İ think everyone can say for job , for something etc. but the important thing is Learn to Different Cultures and Know Different People. can be diffucult , can take a lot of time but İts Worth İt :)


For me it's a hobby, and I enjoy talking with people from all over the world. However, because it's just a hobby I am not as dedicated to one or a few languages as I should be. 

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